About FLVR.in

FLVR.in is India’s first multi-brand marketplace exclusively dedicated to pure, additive-free foods, beverages and ingredients.

Our Promise: “We will never sell anything that isn’t pure enough to serve to our own families.”

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Jitesh Madhwani – Founder & CEO

Naked FLVR Parade – FLVR.in

Our marketplace Naked FLVR Parade on FLVR.in features a carefully curated selection of products from leading clean-label brands that share our ethos of additive-free, premium quality foods, beverages and ingredients.

We are equally committed to supporting small, independent producers and bringing their unique, additive-free foods, beverages and ingredients to a wider audience.

At FLVR.in, we believe that food should be a source of pleasure, not a source of guilt.

Choose FLVR.in, where we believe that food should be a celebration of flavor and purity.

What does Naked FLVR Parade stand for?

Our brand name, Naked FLVR Parade, perfectly encapsulates our philosophy.

“Naked” signifies our commitment to transparency and honesty when it comes to the ingredients in our products. We have nothing to hide – no artificial or harmful ingredients hiding behind codes on the labels.

The “FLVR” in our name stands for “flavor” without the unnecessary additives. We believe that true flavor should shine through without the need for added chemicals or artificial enhancements.

Finally, “Parade” represents the celebration of taste.

Indulge your taste buds with our carefully sourced, additive-free products from all over India.

Why Naked FLVR Parade – FLVR.in?

Premium curated selection: The marketplace at FLVR.in offers a wide selection of premium, gourmet additive-free foods, beverages and ingredients, curated from ethical brands.

Clean-label: All the products sold on FLVR.in are free from additives like anti-caking agents, fillers, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Emphasis on flavor: Despite the lack of additives, FLVR.in places a strong emphasis on flavor, ensuring that all the products sold are delicious and satisfying.

Purity: FLVR.in prioritizes purity and transparency in the products it showcases, allowing customers to trust that what they’re buying is exactly what they claim to be.

Innovation: By focusing on clean-label products, FLVR.in is at the forefront of an emerging trend in the food industry, catering to health-conscious consumers who want to know exactly what they’re eating.

Health benefits: By avoiding additives and artificial ingredients, the products sold on our marketplace are generally healthier and more nutritious than their conventional counterparts.

Convenience: By offering a one-stop-shop for clean-label foods, FLVR.in makes it easy for customers to make informed, health-conscious choices without having to spend hours researching individual products.

Ethical sourcing: The brands featured on the marketplace are chosen for their commitment to ethical sourcing practices, ensuring that the ingredients used are responsibly sourced.

Sustainability: By supporting ethical brands that prioritize sustainability, the marketplace is helping to promote a more environmentally-friendly food industry.

Trust: With a focus on clean-label products and ethical sourcing, Naked FLVR Parade has built a reputation for trustworthiness and transparency, earning the loyalty of health-conscious customers.

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